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Cloud is a fast evolving technology. The benefits of cloud are enormous which is making it more desirable in the current Market. Enterprise Cloud Computing is revolutionizing the future of IT. Cloud computing delivers Web services, providing access to components that can be easily combined to rapidly create composite web applications to meet the ever changing needs of a business operation. Web services rely on service oriented architecture that provides software developers with interfaces that leverage functionality.

At Cloud PPH, We offer Enterprise Cloud solution to benefits an organization, including superior speed and performance for IT resources, more efficient utilization of IT resources, reducing IT infrastructure costs, reducing IT operational costs and increased capacity to handle On-demand resources. Enterprise cloud computing also provides the capacity for flexible Hardware, Storage, Network, Data security policies. Using a single point of Access with a console, it helps in better organization of resources, access and security. We can manage Access level, Security Policies, infrastructure and usage efficiently.

With the traditional use of Infrastructure the bottlenecks that typically occur are expansion, upgrades, efficiency and replacement of IT infrastructure. These factors affecting the business can be overcome using Enterprise Cloud Solutions which eliminates limitation and capabilities, expanded and contracted, redundancy and reliability, Flexible and cost effective solutions. Cloud computing eliminates the typical challenges presented by localized power grid interruptions, physical data loss due to catastrophic events and malicious on site attacks to the IT infrastructure within an organization. The cloud computing framework provides an optimal environment for faster, safer and cheaper delivery of IT services within an enterprise.

Cloud PPH Offers Migration of Physical infrastructure to cloud platform list below :-

    Entreprise cloud solution



    VMware Cloud

There are three kinds of offering in Enterprise Cloud Solutions IPS :-

    IaaS (infrastructure as a service) refers to the delivery of computing capacity and infrastructure as a service. IaaS provides a major cost savings to organizations, as it provides access to additional computing capacity on demand, without the need for a major capital investment in additional hardware, etc.

    PaaS is a method by which an entire computing platform can be utilized remotely over the internet via cloud computing. PaaS provides a way to essentially outsource the entire infrastructure needed to execute a solution without the need to purchase and implement a new platform.

    SaaS (Software as a Service) is pay per use is one of the contemporary trends to enter the market with the advent of cloud computing &. The concept of cloud network implies the offerings of a range of services by a third-party provider using the internet. The services offered includes SaaS, wherein the virtual server provides the usage of the software through the cloud.