Public Private and Hybrid Cloud

Public Private and Hybrid Cloud

As the cloud is emerging as the future of IT infrastructure solutions, the cloud are categorized into Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud.

Cloud PPH offers custom cloud architectyre as per the Client requirement. Mostly Public clouds are used and if the server has sensitive data it is preferred to be on Private cloud. Most of the organizations have different need and to fulfil the requirement where organization has partial sensitive servers a hybrid cloud platform is preferred.

Public Clouds

    Your standardized workload for applications is used by lots of people, such as e-mail. You need to test and develop application code. You have SaaS (Software as a Service) applications from a vendor who has a well-implemented security strategy.

Private Clouds

    Your business is your data and your applications. Therefore, control and security are paramount. Your business is part of an industry that must conform to strict security and data privacy issues. Your company is large enough to run a next generation cloud data center efficiently and effectively on its own.

Hybrid Clouds

    Your company wants to use a SaaS application but is concerned about security. Your SaaS vendor can create a private cloud just for your company inside their firewall. Your company offers services that are tailored for different vertical markets. You can use a public cloud to interact with the clients but keep their data secured within a private cloud.

The management requirements of cloud computing become much more complex when you need to manage private, public, and traditional data centers all together. You’ll need to add capabilities for federating these environments.