Information Solutions

At Cloud PPH, our confidence to deliver solutions to clients of all sizes is built from the depth of our Information Technology experience. Our professionals have successfully deployed solutions both as technical experts and seasoned technology managers, whether remote or on client sites around the world.

Our expertise includes :-

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    Strategic Consulting

    Our consultants possess decades of nuanced knowledge of both business and technology challenges, and are able to refine and improve your existing IT environment to keep your company up to speed with rapid innovation. We understand the critical decisions on the desk of every CIO. Let us help you anticipate changes to stay not only ahead of the curve, but ahead of future threats.

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    IT Infrastructure Planning and Development

    Whether building an entirely new environment or updating an existing environment, we are prepared to advise your organization on the ideal, modern IT setup for your needs, from architectural decisions to hardware and software choices.

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    Performance Optimization

    Our rigorous technical expertise in all aspects of modern hardware, software, network and cloud-based IT solutions can help make your environment more efficient. We can assist you in finding gaps and “bugs” in your systems from architectural flaws to resource management issues, so that you can function optimally, meet internal/external audit requirements and exceed clients’ expectations.

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    Project Staffing?

    With our hundreds of trained experts in all areas of Information Technology, we can alleviate the concerns of proper hiring and placement of competent resources and allow you to focus on the tasks you do best. Rest assured from our outstanding team we can deliver superior professionals for your needs–to fill projects large and small.

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    Capability Training

    We recognize that some companies may wish to adapt their “people” as well as their infrastructure. To this end, our experts can ensure that your internal IT staff is fully prepared to support updated technologies which we can help them deploy for their own future management.