Big Data


With the Emerging Market and Competition, Analyzing Data and Data Collection has become the key feature for success. Big Data is playing crucial role in predictive analysis to emerge as a business leader. Big Data is a broad term for data sets so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate. It includes Data analysis, data curation, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, and querying and information privacy. It is an advanced method to extract value from data, and seldom to a particular size of data set. Accuracy in big data may lead to more confident decision making, and better decisions can result in greater operational efficiency, cost reduction and reduced risk.

Traditional data filing architectures and systems were not designed with the needs of large, hyper scaled, machined generated and globally distributed content in mind. New Big Data Solutions are necessary when data grow to billions of files consuming Petabytes of capacity, all of which must be quickly and efficiently shared, stored and managed.

Cloud PPH offers Big Data solutions that provide technology to efficiently process massive large data, which predict analysis and keeps you ahead of others

Cloud PPH focus on many factors while designing the Big Data Solution as per business requirements. Cloud PPH designs solution that meet the demanding needs of Big Data. Our team works closely with the business model and provides solutions which meet the requirement of the market.

    IBM Power VM ( VIO Server )

    VMware VCenter, VSphere

    VMware View

    Citrix XenServer

    Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL)

    Microsoft Hyper-V