Storage and Backup Solution

Storage and Backup Solution

IT Infrastructure is the backbone of any IT application, the foundation for achieving business outcomes and storage plays the most vital role there with data. The volume of data is growing at an exponential rate and every company needs to optimize, organize for the right balance to operate and budget. As they seek to boost the pace of application innovation and optimize performance, organizations will only get as far as their supporting IT infrastructure will allow.

In the current application economy, data is the key to do business and your data storage strategy reflects how you are placed. You can have reliable fast access to your data with innovative approach with the help of latest technologies, place the data in the right tier to hit the correct balance between performance and budget, simplify IT management while enabling smooth online scalability with better reliability while making sure data is safe with latest disaster recover and business continuity replications and backup technologies.

Cloud PPH understands Hybrid IT setups and has a strong experience in optimizing IT Infrastructure solutions. We are well aligned with market leaders in data storage delivering architecture, data protection and optimizing solutions. Our consultants work with you to architect, engineer and implement enterprise data storage solutions which is more reliable, scalable, and cost effective without compromising on performance, easy to manage and towards less carbon footprint emission.

Our areas of data storage expertise include :-

    SAN,NAS and storage network virtualization

    Mix of Multi vendor ,enterprise, midrange solutions with virtualization appliances for multi tiering

    Storage Thin pool and FAST for auto tier of data

    Cloud solutions

    Audit, monitoring and reporting tools

    Transformation services

    Data reduplications and compression solutions for data protection

    Business Continuity and disaster recover solutions.

    Storage Solutions for Big Data