Compute virtualization has changed IT’s expectations regarding the efficiency, cost, and provisioning speeds of new applications and services virtualization provides an extremely flexible operational model for virtual machines that lets IT treat a collection of physical servers as a generic pool of resources. Compute virtualization provides a template for how to think about IT infrastructure more broadly.

Virtualization continues to change the rules in the datacenter. It provides lot of benefits like Reducing Cost, High Availability or Minimized downtime, Simplification, Reducing manually intensive tasks, providing resources on demand, improved portability, improved scalability, and Enabling cloud services.

Cloud PPH provides the Virtualized solutions for Hardware, Storage, Network and Software. We analyses capacity assessments and cost associated with physical-to-virtual server migrations, systems and workload consolidation, data migration and business continuity. We can help you succeed with Server Virtualization and consolidation solutions with the below technologies:

    IBM Power VM ( VIO Server )

    VMware VCenter, VSphere

    VMware View

    Citrix XenServer

    Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL).

    Microsoft Hyper-V